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Online Dating Success Tips - How To Get More Profile Views and Responses

By: NetNant

Do you know why some people are more successful at online dating than others? Besides a good profile setup, there is one more tip that can dramatically increase your odds of finding your soul mate on the Internet. To be successful at online dating, one needs to expose him/herself more often in a dozen ways on a dating site.

Setting up your online dating profile is like business doing advertising. Instead of selling goods or services, you are selling yourself to thousands of online dating personals. Before you learn how to deal with people online, you need to let people find you. Dating sites have rich sets of search functions to assist members in this regard. But instead of waiting for others to find you, you can make yourself to be seen more often.

1. Upload a photo.

No matter what your age and look is, profile with photo(s) is always more appealing to people. It also helps you filter out the audience who are not interested in contacting you if they saw your photo in the first place.

According to my dating site statistics, profiles with photos have much higher click thru rates and page views than those without a photo.

2. Be proactive.

Don't expect you can get tons of winks or messages by just creating a profile and leave it. I have seen this happened many times that a member created a nice profile but didn't attract many visits and didn't receive any messages and winks.

Creating a profile is just the first step towards successful internet dating. You need to be actively searching and contacting other members to get the ball rolling first.

3. Log into your account more often.

Normally dating sites display the time of your last visit to assist other members in deciding if it's worth to contact you. If you only visit the dating site once in a few months, then other people may think you are not active and are out of reach. As a result, they are less likely to send you a wink or message.

4. Rate members photos or post feedback or comments on other people's profile.

Many dating sites have the features to let members leave comments on each other's profile or photo. Take advantage of this and you will be surprised - the other member may quickly get back to you and the ball starts to roll without sending any winks or messages from your end.

5. Participate in discussion forums.

Discussion forums are a place for members to share experience and exchange ideas. You can express yourself in various aspects and topics that are simply not possible to accomplish in your dating profile. Communication is the key to relationship building so forum discussions can be very effective in showing the world about your true personality.

6. Write a better About Me in your profile.

Don't put "Ask me and I will tell you" - it's boring and tells nothing. With thousands of profiles available at anyone's finger tips, members will be more likely to skip the one that tells nothing.

7. Don't set your Message Rules too narrow.

Getting some messages is better than getting none.

Many dating sites have message rules that allow you to define who can or cannot contact you via on-site messaging. I have seen some people created very tight rules that only a very small portion of members can actually message them. The tip is to set up rules that can allow many members to send messages to you and gradually tweak and fine tune your rules when you are more familiar with what sorts of members on the dating site and what sort of members you want to communicate with.

I hope after reading tips in this article you can put them into practice and get better results. So start doing it now and get yourself seen more often.














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